Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Looking for a tutor ?

Stop your search now if you are Looking for A Math coach? 

100++++ of Students benefited from this programme!
100% made excellent Progress
Guaranteed good Improvement
85 % achieve A
Result Assured
Well Versed in school syllabus , exam format
Cater suitable teaching approach & method
Excellent impacting skill
My Learning Programme includes:How to ACHIEVE A1 from a F9?
How to achieve the result I want?
How to be consistent in Test , Assessments & Examinations?
How do I learn the right skills & knowledge ?
How to handle exam questions?
How to be motivated & overwhelmed with Maths?
How to be sure of applications of concepts,formulae & rules?
HOw to overcome fear in algebra and algebraic manipulaion?
How to score & progress quickly in Maths?
How to gain confidence in your ability to excel in Maths?  

We provide : 

a) Premium Master My Maths Excel Coaching  Programme
This new service is offered to all students who need special guidance to achieve excellence and distinction in their subjects. 
The lessons conducted will be interactive as we thrust the students into a creative learning environment that will enhance their learning all round.

b) Value-Added Clinical Tuition Programme
This service caters to students who are weak in the subject and require more personal attention to gain that extra mile for improvement. 
We will be focusing more on the imparting of necessary skill sets for the students to effortlessly tackle the subject.
a) Individual Coaching
This service is offered only upon your request and subject to availability.

Call our teacher's Helpdesk +65 66189386 for free consultation 

Exam Review Course 2016 starting soon . 
Call  our teachers for details 
From the course , you will discover your weakness on the topic you are weak in . 
A must to bring when u sign  for this special course 
1) End of year exam paper 2015
2) Mid year exam papers 2016
3) 2016 test papers 
4) your report book result 

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