Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cherish Edutainment

Cherish Edutainment : 
                  You participate ,We delivery 
Cherish Edutainment
                  Unleash the Talents in me . Pursue joy ,fun and happiness . Realised my dreams !
Cherish Edutainment , Singapore first

About Us

Providing Edutainment in Singapore

Our Mission is to take learning beyond its traditional structures and make it enjoyable, interactive, experiential and transformative, thus enabling your aspirations and dreams.

Let us empower ourselves and broaden our horizons through various new experiences, and in the process interact with people from all walks of life, share information and brainstorm.

We are greatly heartened that some of our former clients are now parents who continue their relationship with us by sending their own kids to be nurtured in our discovery and mentoring programmes. This endorses our approach in fostering long term relationships that grow progressively.

We also welcome volunteers, interns, and partners, who would like to assist or collaborate with us in our activities, which include client-customised programmes 

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A heartfelt Thank You to all our supporters and sponsors!


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